SAPRILA (Graphic designer/Type-maker)
A Graphic Designer enthusiast, mostly work with typography, digital content, layout, vector, stop motion, and art direction. Fallin' in love with design since 2008, soon she made her first creative studio with 4 other partners in 2011 called "Morefix" which is focused on silk screen printing. After graduate from High school, she went to college and take Visual Communication Design. In early year of college, she started to do freelance job in design while active in some University activity. Then in 7th semester, she merge with 2 other partners make a digital promotion agency called "Instansi Sebelah" Had 'Love affairs' with music industry, she pour it into her works that mostly lyrics tpography-psychedelic and cute style with soft paster colour, you can find it on her instagram. From all of her works so far, the one that make her proud of herself was got featured twice on For further information you can reach her through:

Saprila | 2017